C-Cultivation of ideas, A-Anfangen (Started) , U-At the University

Autor: Niranjan R Gowda

As the title says, The cultivation of ideas in me started here.

I, Niranjan, from the south of india, a student of Materials Science and Engineering would like to wish the CAU Kiel a happy and successful 350th Anniversary year.

It all started with the dream of coming abroad, especially to the land of ideas (Deutschland). It was a pre-departure meet back in india before I flew to Germany when the german embassy in my city gave me a key bunch with the writing on it “The land of ideas Germany”.

After 1.5 years of my life in Kiel, Germany, I hereby say “yes it is the land of ideas”. Thanks to the technische fakultat of the CAU kiel for bringing out the thinker in me. I wish that the university keeps serving the purpose with which it was established 350 years when I was not even on the earth (Laughter).

Taken at the germany and denmark border (Flensburg)