The More One Learns, The Wider The Thought Enhances

Autor: Reza

This is the story of a beginning- well much unwanted and unexpected- of a life, from 4536 miles away from Germany, of a confidence- destroyed in Düsseldorf Hbf and of a return- one can hardly think of.

I had never ever thought that I would sit down on my desk to write something about this but I guess it's not the proper time.

Nevertheless, what else can go wrong for a person who lost every important things (e.g. Passports, Visas, Certificates, Laptop etc) just after arriving in Germany?

I was not confident. It was a nightmare. But the worst experience of the first day got covered up, when I got to see the wonderful city of Kiel, the brick buildings of the University and meet such wonderful people around me.

At each and every step here, I faced lots of ups and downs. I got more nervous, I got more confident.

I was astonished to see how Frau Angelika Koslowski helped me back in April 2012 when I lost everything and even now whenever I have any problem.

I had some great friends from Pakistan, India and Turkey who were there for me always and beyond my expectation.

I have come across Prof. Jan Kallsen and Prof. Markus Haas. Their way of teaching motivated me so much that if I have learnt something, it is only because of them.

I have continued the way with people like Ali, Carlos, Davo, Zaman who were motivating me all the time and it never got me down although I am far behind them.

Herr Martin Lange, you have created such an impression inside me that now I am also learning Sign language.

Ms Sandra Di Mizio, my German couldn't have been better without you.

Last but not the least, the friends I have here from my country, Bangladesh, the time would have really been dreadful if you weren't there.

If such people are around me, and an university, teaching me every single moment- how to be a better person in life, how can I prevent myself from writing this?

Thank you everyone I have met here.

Best Buddies

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